Situated in a beautiful and remote cloud forest on one of the highest mountains in Central America, is a private nature reserve in Costa Rica. Cloudbridge adjoins the primary forest of Chirripo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Reserve has three purposes:

  1. To preserve a precious part of the tropical world forever.
  2. To help reforest those areas which had been converted to cattle pasture.
  3. To Educate visitors to Protect the biodiversity for which the neotropical forests, and those in Costa Rica in particular, are so famous.

Only by experiencing it, can people truly gain an understanding how precious are our diminishing tropical forests. We offer opportunities for student groups, volunteers and scientific researchers where they can contribute to the well-being of the planet by helping the reforestation project and conduct research studies.



Cloudbridge Nature Reserve is raising money to build a bridge across the turbulent section of water known as Victor’s Falls. The bridge will help facilitate the reforestation of areas beyond the crossing by making this area accessible to Cloudbridge staff and volunteers, as well as enabling safer access for researchers and for all who visit the reserve.

Any money raised beyond the initial target will be used to purchase further equipment for the important work being done to research and restore this precious slice of forest.

Please click here, to watch the short video and learn more about what our friends in the UK are helping us accomplish!

Thank you for your support of the Central American forests!



Between January and May 2012 a brother and sister team of biologists/videographers traveled from Guatemala to Panama, visiting 14 different volunteer projects in conservation, ranging from reforestation and protected areas management to animal rescue centers. Cloudbridge was fortunate to have Katie and Mike Garret visit the Cloudbridge project and get hands on experience in conservation and experience the life of a volunteer in a cloud forest. Please see the video below of their time and don’t miss the section on the Resplendant Quetzal!

In 2010, Cara DeVito developed a documentary on the history of Cloudbridge. Cara DeVito worked for NBC News for 17 years. She ended her experience with NBC to take on a new world of independent documentary film.

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