If you want to make a difference and have a positive impact on the environment, but don’t have a background in biology or time for a research project, come join us as a Cloudbridge volunteer! Volunteers are matched with a variety of projects based on Cloudbridge’s needs, and your strengths and desires. All volunteer projects are important to the health and functioning of the reserve and to furthering our reforestation work and research. Many volunteers have come back years later to see the impact of their efforts on forest regeneration. Some of our volunteers even work remotely, improving our digital and IT resources. A minimum 2 week commitment is required for most volunteers.

“I cannot describe to you the feeling of vulnerability of handling a young tree, or the feeling of Hope placed on it as I place it into the ground.  I cannot describe the smell of the dirt or the feel of the soil on my hands, the aches and pains your body will endure – all I can say is that it is incredibly rewarding, and I would encourage anyone to come out and do their part and experience it for themselves.”  – Veneta, USA (Cloudbridge Volunteer, 2015)

Super-volunteers off to defend the world against the evils of deforestation and climate change.
Super-volunteers off to defend the world against the evils of deforestation and climate change.

How it works

Volunteers typically work for 6 hours a day (from around 7:00 am to 1:00 pm), 5 days a week, with weekends off.  A normal day’s tasks may include working on reforestation, assisting a researcher or helping with construction.  See below for a more complete list  of volunteer  projects.

Reforstation Volunteers
Volunteers take part in reforestation by planting and taking care of young trees.

Volunteer requirements:

  • Able to work independently or in pairs and teams
  • Self motivated, with good timekeeping, and ability to meet realistic deadlines
  • Comfortable living in a close knit community
  • 18 years or older
  • Able to fund your food and accommodations for the duration of your stay
  • Commit to a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Responsible for renewing your visa, if staying longer than 90 days
Having fun while building the new dormitory.
Having fun while building the new dormitory.

Volunteer Projects


  • Tree nursery: Collect and propagate seeds
  • Planting trees: Plant seedlings throughout the reserve
  • Tree maintenance: Mulch and weed to help young seedlings thrive
Volunteers help seedlings get off to a good start in the tree nursery.
Volunteers helping seedlings get off to a good start in the tree nursery.

Research Assistant

  • Assist independent researchers and research interns with field work, lab work, data entry and other tasks

Garden and landscape design

  • Landscape design: Design and plant several flower gardens
  • Garden maintenance: Weed and maintain flower and vegetable gardens
  • Vegetable garden: For longer stays, you may have the option to plant and raise much of your own food

Grounds and infrastructure

  • Trail building and maintenance: Building wood or stone steps, trail markers, signs and water runoff trenches
  • Carpentry: Build benches, shelters and information boards
  • Building maintenance: Repair and improve existing buildings
Building steps on the El Jilguero trail.
Building steps on the El Jilguero trail.

Guest and community outreach and education

  • Welcome Centre: Greet and help educate guests of the reserve
  • Visitor and donor outreach: Email information and fundraising initiatives to visitors and donors
  • Community outreach: Liaise with community organizations and businesses, such as hotels and hostels
  • Educational outreach: Develop and conduct local educational programs
  • Fundraising: Assist with developing and improving fundraising initiatives
Educating local children about the importance of trees and reforestation.
Educating local children about the importance of trees and reforestation.

Digital, IT and Design (some of these tasks may be done remotely)

  • Web/blog: Writing (including html coding) and content management
  • Social media: Posting and management
  • Website design: Visual and UX design for the website
  • GIS: Mapping of reserve trails, boundaries, habitats and research data
  • Graphic design: Signage, brochures and educational displays
  • Marketing: Develop and improve marketing and promotion initiatives


To apply, please fill and submit the Volunteer/Research Application.

Accommodations and Costs

Housing is provided at $18 USD per person per day for stays 12 weeks and over. This includes Wi-Fi, hot showers, shared bath, shared kitchen and unlimited access to all of the reserve (research trails, public trails and off-trail). For stays between 4 to 12 weeks, the fee is $20 per day and for stays less than 4 weeks, it is $24 per night.

Food costs and cooking are the responsibility of the individual volunteer/researcher, most of whom can eat a basic, mostly vegetarian diet for around $10 USD per day.  Most people stay in shared rooms, although accommodations in our private casitas may be available (subject to current occupancy) for an additional fee. Housing fees are paid in full upon arrival or one month in advance, to the Cloudbridge Manager.

A $200 “good faith” fee is required prior to being accepted as a volunteer or researcher. This fee will be credited toward your accommodation fees for the last 2 weeks of your stay. The fee is payable through the Donate page.

Please note that our intake day is Sunday, meaning you will only be able to be picked up and join the rest of the participants on Sundays. Please plan your trip accordingly.

Questions? Email: manager@cloudbridge.org

Please visit our blog site for monthly updates and photos on our volunteers and researchers, their projects, and other activities at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve.