About Your Stay

Guests in our rental casitas have full access to the reserve, including our private research trails.  Thank you for staying at Cloudbridge, all proceeds from our rentals directly support our important research and education projects.

The reserve is fairly isolated and the nearest village of San Gerardo de Rivas is 2.5 km away (a 30-minute walk). The nearest large town is San Isidro del General, 20 km or a 1-1.5 hour bus ride down the mountain. Click here for detailed directions to Cloudbridge.

For guests arriving via bus, we can arrange a taxi service for pick up in San Gerardo.  This service needs to be arranged in advance of your arrival.

The road to Cloudbridge.
The road to Cloudbridge.



Cloudbridge is located in a steep mountain environment at an elevation of 1550-2600 m (5085-8760 ft). Getting to most places in the reserve requires walking up or down steep slopes or stairs. The steep terrain and high elevation can make it physically demanding for most people, especially in the first few days as you get accustomed to the thinner air. However, the views, birds, plants and animals make it well worth the effort!

Steep climbs and stunning views of the cloudforest on the Montaña trail.
Steep climbs and stunning views of the cloudforest on the Montaña trail.



Temperatures at Cloudbridge are typically cooler than in much of Costa Rica and most people find the temperature quite pleasant. Year-round, daytime temperatures can reach 21-30 °C (70-86 °F) in the afternoons, while nighttime temperatures range from 13-20 °C (55-68 °F).

Throughout the year, mornings are typically clear and sunny, and if it rains, it almost always rains in the afternoon. During the dry season (December through May), temperatures are usually a bit warmer and very little rain falls. In the rainy season (May through December), it rains in the afternoons almost every day for about 4 hours, starting any time from mid-day to early evening.

A rainy afternoon is a beautiful thing when you’re in the cloud forest.
A rainy afternoon is a beautiful thing when you’re in the cloud forest.


Snakes and Insects

There are fewer snakes and insects at this altitude compared to the rest of Costa Rica, but there are some. There are a few species of venomous snakes at Cloudbridge, however, they are shy and we have no records of anyone being bitten. There are mosquitoes and some other biting insects, such as chiggers and ticks, although none have bites that are life-threatening.  The elevation of Cloudbridge reduces your risk of mosquito born diseases. Insect repellent is recommended.

Many snakes are harmless at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, such as this beautifully iridescent milk snake.



For guests who rent any of our cabins, Cloudbridge will wash and dry personal laundry for a cost of 3000 colones ($6 USD) per load. Clothes made of light, quick-drying fabrics are recommended.

Drinking Water

The water at Cloudbridge comes from pure mountain springs with no treatment other than a filter.  Most people have no issues with the water.


There are no phones at Cloudbridge. Cell phone reception is limited at the reserve and is usually only accessible from a few places. The nearest public phone is outside the Hotel Uran, a 10-15 minute walk from the reserve, which requires a phone card to operate. Zoom and other internet based communications are options.


Casita Colibri and Casita Blanca are equipped with WiFi.  Guests at Gavilan Cabin are welcome to access internet from the Welcome Center.

What To Bring


The cabins are equipped with basic cooking items (oil, salt and pepper, coffee and tea, some other spices), but on the whole, you will need to bring all your food with you. There is a small grocery store in San Gerardo (30-45 minute walk from the reserve) where most people can find everything they need. If you have special dietary needs, stock up on any required specialty items (such as gluten-free foods) in San Isidro as San Gerardo has a limited selection (although lactose free milk is usually available).

There are several restaurants in the village of San Gerardo, as well as one at the Hotel Uran. There is a trout farm in the village where you can catch your own fish and either take it home with you, or have them cook it for you there.


The closest ATM is in Rivas, so make sure to stock up on cash before heading up to Cloudbridge. This ATM charges a 5,000 colones international fee. Most local businesses in San Gerardo take Visa if you run out of cash. San Isidro is the cheapest option to take cash out of the ATM.

Clothing and Incidentals

  • Good hiking boots, walking shoes, or sneakers
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • Sweater or jumper, for chilly evenings and early mornings
  • Hat
  • Mosquito repellent (please apply before entering reserve, and not whilst inside the reserve)
  • Flashlight or headlight
  • Daypack
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
The clear, crisp Chirripó River is a great place for a swim on a hot day.
The clear, crisp Chirripó River is very refreshing.

What to do


There are many hiking trails leading through the nature reserve, featuring waterfalls, rivers, and vistas.  Please visit our hiking page for detailed information.  We also offer a variety of day and night tours.

Mt. Chirripó

Though it is necessary to purchase tickets to enter Chirripó National Park, the trails to the parks limit at km 4 are open to the public.  If you would like to visit the highest peak of Costa Rica, we recommend that you make a reservation with as much anticipation as possible, as spaces fill up fast!  For a more accessible experience, the limit of the park, located within a beautiful oak forest, can be accessed through the Nature Reserve’s Montaña Trail.  Visit the Cerro Chirripó Parque Nacional Website for more information!

San Gerardo

There are many things to do in the San Gerardo area, including yoga retreats, local swiss cheese and goat cheese makers, thermal springs, and many more.  Visit the San Gerardo Website for more information!