Species Lists


To view lists of the species that have been identified in the reserve, click on the images below.  Species lists are updated periodically as new research is conducted.

Contact research@cloudbridge.org for the most up-to-date lists or for more detailed information on the flora and fauna of Cloudbridge.


Chiriqui Robber Frog (Pristimantis cruentus) Butterfly Species List Costa Rica Invertebrates Species List Costa Rica

Mammals Species List Costa Rica



Ferns & Allies Button Liverworts, Hornworts Moss Species List Costa Rica Orchids Species List Costa Rica

Vascular Plant Species List

Fungi, Protists & Lichens

Ascomycete Species List Costa Rica Basidiomycete Fungi Species List Cost Rica Lichens Speices List Costa Rica

Slime Mold Speices List Costa Rica

More Resources

For more information on the local flora and fauna, check out our Fact Sheets.  Or check out the websites and books of some of our favorite organizations and authors.  Take a look at the reports describing what our Researchers have been studying!

Planning to bird watching trip to Costa Rica?  Print this checklist in advance and use it on your hike at Cloudbridge!  It has great information on which birds are commonly seen during each month of the year.  See how many species you can check off by taking a tour with one of our bird experts who has keen knowledge of our trails! (Lista de verificación en español.)

Interested in becoming a Volunteer or Researcher?  Visit our Volunteer/Researcher Page to learn more, or fill out an application.


Previous versions of species lists:

Reptiles 2017

Reptiles 2023

Mammals (English) 2018

Mamíferos (Español) 2018

Bird Checklist and Monthly Abundances 2018