Specialty Field Courses

Our research lab is an ideal space for our researchers to analyze the data they collect in the field, and we are very happy to have that be the space´s main use.  However, the venue also lends itself extremely well to specialty courses, and we have been delighted to host renowned experts such as Nelson Zamora in the field of botany and Kottie Christie-Blick, an expert teacher who shares her experience teaching about climate change.  Our most recent activity was a very productive GIS course, and we are looking forward to hosting more amazing courses over time!

Cloudbridge is deeply committed to environmental education.  Thanks to our ongoing research program, here at Cloudbridge we are always learning more about the ecology of the cloud forest.  Learning with experts in the field is always a great opportunity, which is why we are excited to collaborate with knowledgeable proffesors who are able to make use of our excellent facilities for specialty field courses.

Our Research Lab can comfortably hold a large group, and is an ideal space for bringing in samples and learning about the amazing Cloud Forest.  Our location at the trailhead of trails accessing secondary and primary forest make Cloudbridge an ideal space for a learning experience, and we are happy to serve the environmental community of Perez Zeledón with these offerings.  Please contact research@cloudbridge.org if you are interested in hosting a specialty field course at Cloudbridge!