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“One lesson outdoors is worth seven inside.” – Tim Brighouse, British Educator

Cloudbridge provides onsite educational experiences to a variety of high schools, universities, and educational organizations from our local elementary school, to one of the top high schools in the US for exceptional young scientists.

Programs are tailored to the individual needs, abilities, and interests of each student group. Groups come with their professor(s) or group leaders and are assisted by Cloudbridge group leaders.  Classes are designed to keep theory sessions short, so the majority of time can be spent on practical learning. Getting out into the field to learn in our cloud forest reserve is something the students who have been here love.

Students learning about the cloud forest and reforestation from CFCA board member Tom Gode.

The cloud forest provides an engaging and exciting environment to learn in. Whether they are learning about climate change, biological surveying methods, or reforestation, students are learning in a place that is relevant and that can make the knowledge stick.  Students are challenged to use their critical thinking skills and to connect what they are learning at Cloudbridge to their home community.

Close by the reserve are extra-curricular activities that can help students to understand local cultures and immerse themselves in a Costa Rican experience.  Some examples include: a tour of a local coffee plantation, an introduction to local foods and cookery techniques, or an organic cheese making tour.

Learning to make tamales with local Tica women.

For most groups, lodging is just down the road from Cloudbridge, either at the Hotel Uran or Casa Mariposa.  Both options offer comfortable and clean accommodations and delicious food, and are a short walk away from where the educational program will take place, on the reserve itself.  We are happy to help with planning these logistics. 

Study abroad programs typically last between 3-7 days, although longer programs can often be accommodated.

For additional information or to check available dates and costs contact:

Student Experiences

“Today, Holly and I began to feel more like botanists….I kept thinking to myself as I spotted a familiar vine or herb, “I know that plant!” It was particularly exciting to recognize some of the plants, and humbling to realize that I had never seen many more. The cloud forest is teaching me about the complexity of nature; how everything is connected in a unique fabric of life—it is amazing!…I really do hope others can experience this magical place! I probably sound childish, but have you ever seen trees that big! Incredible!” – Erin

“Spending time in Cloudbridge has been a great research experience, but has also given me a new appreciation for warm showers, washing machines, and dryers. The time I’ve spent hiking here has also given me an understanding of how great it can be when we just take the time to sit and observe the things going on around us in nature. Sitting on a rock watching the mountains around me for an hour and a half doesn’t sound like something I would normally want to do, but taking a wonderfully exhausting and beautiful three hour hike just before made the time I spent resting and observing the changing weather amazingly worth it.” – Clarice

“Time spent at Cloudbridge gave me the opportunity to learn not only about the environment, but about myself. I learned about self-motivation, goal-setting and even personal limitations. This experience was both physically and mentally challenging.

The staff at Cloudbridge is made up of a wonderful community of individuals dedicated to education, compassion, and most fervently, the environment. Thank you to everyone at Cloudbridge for providing me with one of the most enlightening weeks of my life!” – Lori

New experiences and opportunities to learn are everywhere, even when heading out for a visit to the Rio Chirripó.

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