Since 2019, Cloudbridge has collaborated with other environmental organizations in the development and implementation of an engaging environmental education program:  Knowing Our Biodiversity – CONUBI.  With the support of our local Conservation Area (ACLA-P) and the UNDP, various educational materials have been prepared, and the program was implemented in 28 local schools.  2022 marked the closing of the «Productive landscapes» project (the UNDP funding), and at that time 279 girls and 254 boys had participated in the program.  In 2023, four of the environmental organizations who had been collaborating on this initiative continued to work in local schools, having obtained the funding to do so through their own means.  Cloudbridge has worked with environmental educator Marylin Rodríguez (pictured below), to implement CONUBI in local schools.

 The program consists of eight modules, the first of which introduces students to important ecological concepts such as habitat connectivity and helps orient them to the relationship between their community and the area in which they live, including protected areas and biological corridors.  Likewise, there are modules that encourage enthusiasm for exploring and caring about the natural world, such as «my first steps with birds» or «el agua y yo(water and me)».  Other modules touch upon important environmental trends such as responsible consumption or agroecology.   The theme of climate change was initially included as a transversal topic, and now has its own module.  All content was designed and adjusted according to the educational curricula of Costa Rican public schools.