September 2022

September is the height of the rainy season, and also the month in which 201 years ago, Costa Rica and other Central countries obtained their independence from Spain. This is a special time in which children and adults alike participate in patriotic activities, including traditional dance, a parade with torches representing the means of illumination used by the messengers who brought the news, and more.

As our friends and supporters know, Cloudbridge provides excellent conditions for program participants to conduct research on the ecology of Cloud Forest in all of its forms, and we invite potential applicants to reach out and ask about our internship program.  In addition, Cloudbridge seeks to benefit the local community with various educational opportunities.  This month a free 70-hour First Aid and CPR course was finally initiated, after over a year of coordination between Cloudbridge and the National Learning Institute (INA).  This course is teaching important (potentially life-saving) skills to Cloudbridge staff and locals from San Gerardo, Herradura and Rivas, and we are very proud to have organized this great opportunity.  Another educational activity which took place in September was a «moth night» with Dariel Sanabria of Moths of Costa Rica.  The curious and inquisitive mindset typical of biologists and nature lovers is in some cases a learned skill, and it was quite rewarding to receive feedback from participants who now appreciate moths and other creatures in a whole new light!


Another aspect of Cloudbridge´s involvement in the wider community is with our participation with a booth at the local tourism fair held on September 23 in the park of San Isidro de El General.  This allowed many people to learn more about Cloudbridge, and hopefully decide to visit with their families!

Program Participants

Hey! My name is Sam and I’m from Southern California. This fall, I will be entering my third year at UCLA, studying biochemistry and mathematics. I am currently working as a research intern here at Cloudbridge, analzying the diversity of leaf litter arthropods in the four different forest types, as well as comparing it to leaf litter density. My favorite thing at Cloudbridge has been our Thursday potlucks and hiking every morning with my friends!

Julia Arp is a volunteer from Germany, who it has been a pleasure to have on the reserve.  In addition to helping us with many tasks, she has also taken beautiful pictures of the early morning sunlight on the river, below.

Pics from around the reserve

Río Chirripó Pacífico. Photo credit: Julia Arp
Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Photo credit: Julia Arp
During the rainy season Catarata Pacífica is quite full. Photo credit: Julia Arp
Oscar Valverde is an important worker at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, we are very thankful for all of his weedwhacking and other tasks!
Photo credit: Julia Arp
Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Photo credit: Julia Arp

Suggested Reading

  • Research intern Yorrick Grobben of Van Hall Larenstein University has recently completed the report of his time with us at Cloudbridge, earlier this year, comparing the amount of carbon captured by naturally regenerated or planted forests.
  • As we have mentioned before in this blog, the Western part of the USA has been experiencing a terrible «megadrought«, leading to very difficult situations regarding water management, and decisions regarding who receives water.   In this scenario, cooperation and governance that includes the perspectives of different stakeholders is key.  The example of the Yakima River basin is helping to lead the way.
  • It has been 34 years since Amazon defender Chico Mendes was assasinated, a fate that unfortunately is still a risk to environmental defenders.  His daughter Angela Mendes has continued her father´s important mission.  In this interview, she speaks of the importance of networking and human aspects of land management.
  • This uplifting profile of a long life well-spent planting trees and nurturing the land is an inspiration to us all.  Ms. Gowda certainly has «Magic in her Hands».
  • We have recently shared our Fall Newsletter with our mailing list.  Please let us know if you would like to be included in this mailing list for our quarterly newsletter, by sending us an email at 


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