August 2022

Chirripó National Park is an important presence in our area, and this month was the celebration of it´s 47th anniversary.  At the park administrator´s request, Cloudbridge participated with environmental education activities at local schools, among other activities.

Children from the school of Herradura participate in environmental education activities.

Our program participants Sam and Beth were able to join us for the activity at the school in San Gerardo.
The tapir, Toño pizote and the jaguar get ready to interact with the children who have come to celebrate the park´s anniversary.
The director of Chirripó National Park, Laura Díaz, looks on as children form a circle around the inflatable animals.

Earlier this month we were delighted to receive board member Valerie Brown, her husband Ken and the friend of Cloudbridge Jane Hartline.  We are thankful for their insight and support, it was great having you with us!


Since its inception twenty years ago, Cloudbridge has been guided by a mission of conservation, education and research.  This is reflected in this updated sign with pictures taken every 10 years of the Rio Trail area from the «mirador» lookout.  As well as the education and research performed by our program participants, we have been engaging the community with various educational activities, such as this upcoming Moth night with moth expert Dariel Sanabria.  For readers who are in the San Gerardo area, we hope you can join us on Saturday, September 10th!

And of course, it´s always fun to mention our work with the recycling project of San Gerardo, where we sort and compact the recycling of Chirripó National Park and the community of San Gerardo. 

Our participant program

A recent early morning goodbye picture as some of our program participants were leaving.
Spying monkeys in the canopy!

Our volunteer and research program offers participants of all ages the opportunity to engage with the wonderfully diverse Cloud Forest and with fellow nature lovers from around the world.  We invite you to come and try it out for yourselves, or share with your loved ones.

Pics from around the reserve

Río Chirripó Pacífico goes through the reserve. Photo credit: Luke Griffiths
The side-striped palm pit viper (Botriechis lateralis). Photo credit: Sandro Pérez
Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Photo credit: Casey Ella McConnell
Photo credit: Sandro Pérez
Photo credit: Luke Griffiths

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  • In last month´s blog we highlighted a scientist who has chosen to engage in civil disobedience as a way to try and make his voice heard.  This article, published recently in the academic journal Nature Climate Change, explores when civil disobedience is justified. 

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