February 2013

??????????????????????????????? February Blooms

February saw Cloudbridge hosting 15 researchers, volunteers and
guests, wow what a month!

New Volunteers and Researchers this month:

In February Cloudbridge was fortunate to have Bastian and Nuria
(Germany) walk into the reserve and volunteer to help.  Bastian brings
a great deal of carpentry skills and Nuria is a great assistant.
Within the first week they were finishing projects that have been on
our back burner for too long.  We are truely fortunate to have gifted
volunteers who can help with the infrastructure to support our

Bastian and Nuria
Bastian and Nuria

Simon (Germany) while younger than most of our volunteers has been
helping with our reworking of our electrical systems and is now doing
construction.  Stay tuned to see what he will be up to next month.


Sandra (Germany) just arrived and is finding her specialty; while not
a biology student we are trying her out in a number of projects.


Our friends from ARO (Canada) joined us again with 25 volunteers for
the morning, they worked in general clean up areas, moving dirt and
trail maintenance.

Bird Man Bob from the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica  has joined us for a few weeks of  bird watching, and night hikes for reptile, amphibian, and insect identification. Here are a few interesting photos from his many hours on our trails:

Bob photo

bob photo 2

Trimetopen phioleps
Trimetopen phioleps
Tantilla ruficeps
Tantilla ruficeps
Bird Man Bob
Bird Man Bob

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