March 2013

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Crissy and her son Daniel (Florida, US) are in the midst of a bat survey at Cloudbridge.   There has been research done at lower elevations in Costa Rica, but investigations at higher elevations has been limited. It will be interesting to see how many species will be identified here.

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Miriam (North Dakota, US) joined us to study the elusive Quetzales.  Daily she is out searching the Reserve for potential nesting sites, following their calls, and recording any data that will help us to understand the habits and behavioural patterns of these birds here in this area.


Zak (US) while only with us for a couple of days worked in collaboration with Federico, a botanist from the Estacion Biologica Las Cruces y Jardin Botanico Wilson. He was able to identify a number of the unidentified trees in our old growth forest

Zac doing tree identification with Linda and Clarice
Zac doing tree identification with Linda and Clarice


This month we were blessed with a group of volunteers who worked on infastructure projects including building tables, beds, window trim, benches and so much more.  Thanks to Bastian, Nuria, Simone, Sandra (all from Germany) and Klaus (Italy) for a great job.


Jean-Guy, a Cloudbridge board member and his partner France (both from Canada) conducted two presentations for students at the local San Gerardo school.  They gave an entertaining account of Jean-Guy’s participation in a Canadian project called 1000 Days For the Planet. This is an extraordinary project in which  particitpants sail around the world creating  awareness of  biodiversity and sharing a unique experience.  Jean -Guy and France also talked to the students about the impact and dangers of garbage on wildlife.

Adam (US) our resident biologist added to the  presentation with recent photos showing the wildlife captured on cameras at Cloudbridge.



Fun At Cloudbridge

The US Amabassador and her husband joined us for a hike in Cloudbridge.  She is an avid bird watcher and was able to add 8 new species to her list.

Adam organized a fun run with the local indigenous runners.  His friends Pete and Julie  brought with them to Cloudbridge a duffel bag of running shoes to share with the Indigenous runners and their families.

indiginous race

The month wrapped up with with a welcome to Marlyse’s parents and a good bye to Adam.  We had a potluck dinner and presentation by Adam unveiling a coffee co-op he is putting together in San Gerardo.

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