Volunteer Application


    We are looking for hard working Volunteers, Research Interns and Independent Researchers to help us in all kinds of ways: like reforestation and construction work from our Volunteers, data collection and research support from our Research Interns, or help widening our knowledge of the reserve from Independent Researchers.

    Below is our general application form, which applies to all three roles. Please select the role you would like to apply for and answer the relevant questions below.
    If you are unsure which role is best for you, please visit our Volunteer/Researcher Page to find out more, including the role specific ‘Criteria for Acceptance’.

    General Criteria for Acceptance:

    • Commitment to stay for the entire period.

    • Physically fit and willing to work outdoors in a challenging environment.

    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

    • Good knowledge of English is required, and some level of Spanish is helpful but not required.

    • Financial means for the duration of your stay and upfront $200 USD deposit that will be credited towards your last 2 weeks accommodation.

    • Age 18 or older (Minimums: Volunteers, 18; Research Interns and Independent Researchers, 20).

    • Preference will be given to University students or graduates of an environmental or biological studies program, but enthusiastic volunteers without academic credentials will also be welcomed.

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    Research Intern
    Independent Researcher

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    Intended Start Date (intake is on Sundays)

    Estimated Length of Project (Minimum: Volunteers, 2 weeks; Research Interns, 10 weeks; most Independent Researchers, 12 weeks) *

    Volunteer Experience

    Relevant Skills (i.e. carpentry, engineering, marketing, gardening, etc.). Only required for Volunteers.

    Short description of your motivation and expectations *

    Background (education, experience, qualifications, research interests)
    Volunteers only.

    CV. (Independent Researchers and Research Interns Only.) Please use the browse button below to upload.

    Research Proposal (Independent Researchers only). A brief proposal (1 page) of the intended study must be sent for approval prior to arrival. It should include: 1) the area of intended study (e.g. forestry, zoology, etc.), 2) thoughts on possible methods, and 3) a rough schedule for each stage of the study (e.g. data collection, analysis and reporting). A full proposal will be required 10 days after arrival. Please use the browse button below to upload.

    References (Independent Researchers and Research Interns only). Supply names and an email address for 2 people we may contact. *

    How did you hear about us? (university, internet search, friend, family, colleague, traveling, etc.)

    Additional Comments

    I have read the Applicant’s FAQ and I understand that I will be responsible for my own health, safety, and insurance, and will need sufficient money for travel, food, and accommodation. *

    Next Steps
    We aim to respond to all applications within 24 hrs, but, this is not always possible. If you have not heard back from us within 48 hrs, please email manager@cloudbridge.org.

    After acceptance, send your $200 deposit via the Donate Page. This will be credited towards the last two weeks of your stay.