Additional Resources


Below are related organizations and other resources that are relevant to the Cloudbridge Project.

Local Organizations:

Organizations Outside Costa Rica:


  • The Diversity of Life by E.O. Wilson. Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press, 1992.
  • A Neotropical Companion: An Introduction to the Animals. Plants, and Ecosystems of the New World Tropics, Kricher, J. 1997.  2nd ed. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ.
  • Costa Rican Natural History Edited by Daniel. H. Janzen. University of Chicago Press, Chicago IL, 1983.
  • A Naturalist in Costa Rica by Alexander F Skutch
  • Los Bosques de Roble (Quercus) de la Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica: Biodiversidad, Ecologia, Conservación y Desarrollo by Maarten Kappelle
  • An Introduction to Cloud Forest Trees: Monteverde, Costa Rica by William A. Haber, Erick Bello, and Willow Zuchowski. Mountain Gem Pub., 2nd edition, 2000
  • A Place in the Rain Forest: Settling the Costa Rican Frontier by Darryl Cole-Christensen
  • GIS Methodologies for Developing Conservation Strategies: Tropical Forest Recovery and Wildlife Management in Costa Rica Edited by Basil G Savitsky and Thomas E Lacher
  • The Green Republic: A Conservation History of Costa Rica by Sterling Evans
  • Costa Rica: Adventures in Nature by Ree Strange Sheck
  • An Introduction to Cloud Forest Trees: Monteverde, Costa Rica by  William A Haber, Willow Zuchowski and Erick Bello
  • Field Guide to the Wildlife of Costa Rica by Carrol L Henderson
  • Costa Rica: Forest Strategy and the Evolution of Land Use by  Ronnie de Camion, Olman Segura, Luis Guillermo Arias and Isaac Pérez
  • Green Phoenix: Restoring the Tropical Forests of Guanacaste, Costa Rica by William Allen
  • Various Books in The Cloudbridge Library

Articles and Studies

More Resources

Take a look at the reports describing what our Researchers have been studying! For more information on the local flora and fauna, check out our Fact Sheets.  If you are interested in learning which species can be found in Cloudbridge, take a look at our species lists.

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