May 2022

As soon as the lab was made ready earlier this month, our researchers moved in and have been making excellent use of this wonderful space. We are so pleased with this successful construction project, which was made possible due to the contributions of many people who have in some way been touched by Cloudbridge Nature Reserve.  We would like to extend a special thanks to each and every one of you who have supported Cloudbridge over the years, with a special mention to Jane Hartline and Mark Greenfield for their generous support, and to the family and friends of Cordelia Dingle for honoring her memory by supporting a place that touched her deeply.  Thank you.

For researchers who are looking at field samples, it is very useful to have a space in which to keep them. The space is being well-used!
The landscaping still needs to be filled in a bit, but the entranceway to the lab is in use : )

To inaugurate this new space, in our twentieth anniversary here at Cloudbridge, we will be holding an educational fair and «Cloud Forest Festival» on June 25 and 26.  For those of you near San Gerardo de Rivas, we hope you may be able to join us.  For those of you who are afar, we are going to try to film and share many of the presentations.

Photo credit: Anthony Garita

The total lunar eclipse of May 15th was clearly visible from San Gerardo.  The Talamanca mountains are an excellent place for observing the night sky.

Photo credit: Sandro Pérez

The purpose of this lab is to provide a space for our amazing researchers.  We are grateful to all of you who come to make use of our facilities and study the amazing biodiversity of the Cloud Forest!

A recent researcher, Amber Bradley, was looking at the behavior of hummingbirds at a prime feeding spot in the forest.

Pics from around the reserve

Nothing cuter than a baby coati! Photo credit: Luc Dobrindt
The juvenile side-striped palm pit viper (Botriechis Lateralis) does not yet have the bright green coloring that characterizes the adults. Photo credit: Sandro Pérez
The white-throated Mountain Gem is one of the beautiful treasures found at Cloudbridge. Photo credit: Anthony Garita
During our night tours it is common to find an adorable glass frog! Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Un macho de Isthmohyla pseudopuma presenta su coloración reproductiva.  Photo credit: Anthony Garita
The Green-fronted Lancebill (Doryfera ludovicae) is not as common as some of our other hummingbirds. Photo credit: Sandro Pérez
Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Photo credit: Sandro Pérez
Baby coati! Photo credit: David Jean
Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Photo credit: Sandro Pérez

Recommended Reading

  • A fan of Cloudbridge has recently shared a beginner´s guide to birdwatching with us and asked that we share it widely.  We love birds (and the trees they live in)!
  • It is heartbreaking to witness the devastating drought that is affecting the Western United States and has decimated Lake Powell, threatening the well-being of millions of people and other beings who depend on the Colorado River for their water and energy needs.  This article comments on this difficult situation.
  • The Lancet comission on pollution and health has recently issued a progress update, reporting that pollution was responsible for 9 million premature deaths in 2015, making it the world’s largest environmental risk factor for disease and premature death.
  • As always, it is best to end on a positive note, in this case by sharing this lovely profile of a wonderful writer whose words have touched many quite deeply, Wendell Berry.

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