May 2020

After being closed to the general public for two months, we are pleased to have reopened the reserve beginning on May 16th.  Thank you to all of the visitors who have come to get a dose of nature, after Covid-19 confinement! 

The crystalline colors of the river at Cloudbridge never fail to impress.

Border restrictions in Costa Rica currently only allow Costa Rican nationals to enter the country until at least June 30th, so the interns and researchers that were planning on coming over the Summer have had to postpone or cancel their time at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. 

Volunteer Christina Kruse took some amazing photographs during her time with us, in addition to helping out with various tasks!

Due to this unusual situation, we request that you please consider coming to volunteer or research on the reserve (or recommend it to people you know). Alternately if you are able to support us financially with a recurring or one-time donation, it will be much appreciated.

Research intern Georgia Smith takes note of the relevant information after moving one of our camera traps.

We have had a lovely group of interns and volunteers who stuck it out with us throughout this difficult time, and we are very grateful to them. However, May was their last month here at Cloudbridge, as they will all be leaving shortly. We wish them all the best on their journeys!

Buen Viaje!
Enjoying the sunset at Casita Blanca before leaving…
This tree is so large, it is hard to capture in a photograph!
«Stephan´s plot», in 2002 and 2019.

In 2008, Cloudbridge researcher Stephan Lehmann planted a grid of plots with different combinations of pioneer and climax species trees. Our research intern Max Battison has recently been measuring the trees in these plots to see how they have progressed over the last 12 years. It is fascinating work!

This beautiful Clown daggerwing was found sunning itself by the river.
Operations manager Greg Oakley poses next to Catarata Don Victor.
Hiking in the cloudforest, it´s possible to feel that you are in the clouds…

Now that the rains have begun again, everything has been growing quite rapidly, including a multitude of fungi, of all shapes and sizes. Here is just a small sample of the many varieties we have seen this month:

Another magnificent tree, protected by Cloudbridge Nature Reserve.
Clara and Greg interact with a group in a virtual field trip.

This month we have greatly enjoyed engaging in a couple of virtual field trips on the reserve. We received very good feedback, with some teachers calling it the highlight of the school year! Please don´t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in a virtual field trip.

This spider monkey was just hanging around the reserve! Photo credit: Anthony Garita
This baby Capuchin monkey is enjoying the ride! Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Our staff team will be one short soon, we`ll miss you Antoine!

Though these last few months have been strange and difficult for many people around the world, here at Cloudbridge we have been blessed with a stellar team of staff (including workers Edgar and Oscar, not pictured here). Though Antoine Jeunet will be leaving us soon, we are still thankful to have such a great team! Thank you.

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  • Seeing as how the United States is currently in a state of turmoil due to the many unnecesary and violent deaths of people of color, most recently that of George Floyd, we are including this thoughtful article about the difficulties of «Being black while in nature«

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