“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now’

 Chinese proverb


In June –July we are again hosting five interns from Agrosup Dijon, France, Laura, Sebastian, Elisa, Flore & Marie are conducting research in three areas including, Bio-monitoring, Large Mammal Monitoring and a community survey of sloth sightings.

Campers from Camp Eagles Nest http://www.enf.org/ in North Carolina spent two days planting trees and hiking Cloudbridge with Tom and the French interns.  The campers helped with an enhancement planting within an older plantation along the Sendero Rio.

Tijmen returned for two weeks with his friend Denise to create a proposal for a study to look at alternative planting methods.


We were fortunate to have Austin, George and Stefan, from the NW USA, stop by for a couple of days to help us frame up the kitchen and laboratory in the new Center for Ecological Studies.  The guys wanted to accomplish something on vacation besides hanging on the beach; we appreciate their time and talent.







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