January 2024 Blog

2024 has gotten off to a busy start for us here at Cloudbridge, with the reserve having received many daily visitors, as is typical in the «high season» months, in addition to the educational groups which have recently enjoyed a study abroad program at Cloudbridge!  The picture above, taken by Clinton Lewis of WKU, shows one of the two groups that the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science brought to Cloudbridge for a 5 day program, to gain research skills in the cloud forest of Costa Rica.  In addition to these two groups, this month we received a lovely group of forestry students from Quebec, who also enjoyed learning about the ecology of the tropical cloud forest.

Board member and WKU professor Dr. Martin Stone visits an old friend, one of his favorite trees. Photo credit: Casey McConnell
Forestry students from Quebec take note of their surroundings. Photo credit: Casey McConnell

Pics from around the reserve

Glasswing butterfly. Photo credit: Anthony Garita

Cloudbridge staff member Anthony Garita has continued developing his photography skills, including with a new emphasis on macro-photography, which allowed him to capture this stunning example of a wasp that has been colonized by fungus.

Suggested Reading

  • As had already been predicted, 2023 was by far the hottest year on record, with historic temperatures across the globe and extremely low levels of polar ice.  Many organizations have had these same findings through their own studies, we invite you to check out NOAA´s article on the subject..
  • We are living through a consequential time in which human decisions have the potential to greatly impact our future generation´s quality of life.  As such, the outcome of the political elections that will be happening in the coming year are also highly consequential, as expressed by conservation legend Jane Goodall here.
  • A recent article published in Science magazine has found that the Amazon rainforest was historically more densely populated than previously thought, further confirming scientist´s dawning understanding of this «natural» environment as having historically been subject to human management.

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