Dutchie Pancakes

These pancakes are worth making.  Our Dutch researcher Michiel made them for us several times.  We ate them with whipped cream  fresh mango and syrup.  mmmmm

Michiel’s Dutchie Pancakes

Flour – at least 4 cups

1 Tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

Baking powder – a little

Add 2 eggs.  Beat

Add milk – at least 1 litre.  Wisk for a very long time until it reaches a good consistency similar to thin pancake batter. (slightly fluffy)

Heat frying pan, add a little butter to cover bottom.

Put a scoop (soup ladle) into the pan, move the pan around so the batter moves and coats entire bottom.

When top begins to dry out shake the pan to loosen the pancake and then flip it in the air and hopefully it lands on the other side.  Cook until slightly browned

Add butter to pan before every pancake.  Very important.


·         Put cheese in hot pan and add batter over top.  Flip

·         Fried Bacon in hot pan and add batter over top.  Flip

·         Add raisons and apples and cinnamon

·         Add bananas.



This is a large recipe for approx 6 people. Plain pancakes can be served with fruit and whipped cream.  Top with maple syrup.


flipping- This could take some practice


This is a popular dish in the Netherlands. 


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