April at Cloudbridge


If you are thinking a year ahead, sow a seed.

If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.

If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educatate the people.

                                           Chinese proverb   500 BC

We are once again entering the rainy season.  There are just hints of it with some sunny days and some days where we are starting to see showers in the afternoon.  We always just smile and say its good for the trees!

April was a month of clearing the weeds from out tree research plot in preperation for the rains and working to install a pipeline down the mountain to power a new micro hydro electric system for the Enviromental Learning Center.  After several pipe joints blowing and a Pipe explosion we finally got it.  Oh to have local experts would be such a great asset.

We had 28 students and teachers from Beacon School, N.Y., N.y. for four days as part of a Spanish cultural class.  Students participated in a number of hikes, planted trees and worked on service projects including moving tons of soil from the septic project landscaping around the Environmental Learning Center, building compost bins, sanding lumber for table tops and painting a sign for a new womans co-op resteraunt sponsored by Proyecto San Gerardo.

Beacon Spanish Cultural class
Students planting trees along the River trail


Designing & Painting the Bambu Cafe sign
Power Tools?


 Our two researchers are Michiel and Tijmen from Van Hall Larenstein University of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Their major is Tropical Forestry and Nature Management.   They are doing research on the comparison of natural regrowth and plantation planting.  Many hours were spent in the forest measuring, identifying species and collecting data.  They are on a 6 week internship.  We are enjoying there company with many great stories of the Netherlands, their adventures in Costa Rica, and also their cooking skills and interesting dinners.

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