September News

El Bosque Nubosa

Construction continued on the classroom in September.  The framing is complete and we are now ready to install the electrical.  Our thanks go out to John Titan from the Casa Mariposa and our three scouts from Poland who helped with the framing. The scouts also helped with carrying heavy slabs of Cypress that had been harvested from storm damaged trees to be prepared into lumber for windows and doors.

A tree planting project to fill in the gaps with Cecropia seedlings was accomplished with the help of the Polish scouts and the ecology class from Peace University in Costa Rica.

We are developing an educational initiative for high school and college students who are interested in participating in an ecology/rainforest summer research program at three reserves in Costa Rica.  It will provide an exciting opportunity to travel and study tropical rain forests.  They will compare flora and fauna in Caribbean lowland forests, Pacific lowland forests and a cloudforest.  Watch for further details or contact Tom at

Opportunities to support Cloudbridge: 

  • Graphic designer for brochure development
  • Web Design
  • Cloudbridge ambassadors for recruitment of researchers and school initiative students
  • Donations of microscopes and digital projector
  • We always appreciate your financial support. You can make a contribution at 
Recycle storm damaged Cypress into lumber for the classroom
Volunteers from Poland constructing classroom walls
Planting Cecropia trees
We are already making use of the classroom!
Tree planting with students from Peace University in Costa Rica

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