October 2018

Even the rain can’t keep away birdwatchers.                               Photo courtesy Leonardo Valverde


And the birds are watching whooo?                                           Photo courtesy Leondardo Valverde






Research and Volunteers:

Nina Biburger – Germany

Hi, my name is Nina, I am 21 years old and study landscape architecture and planning at the technical university of Munich. As a part of my semester abroad I am staying at the Cloudbridge Reserve for one month as a volunteer. For this time, I got a little project to work on: improve the drainage system in the camp. First, I looked for the biggest problems and thought of ideas to solve them. Afterwards I started with some volunteers with the execution of the plan. Another great thing was the tree planting day. We planted a lot of little trees, that was a lot of fun and made you feel like you are helping the environment a lot. 

I am really interested in helping the environment and subjects linked to landscape and nature. This is the perfect place to give something back to nature , I really appreciate being part of the Cloudbridge Project. It is so beautiful to live just right in the cloud forest, which is a gorgeous phenomenon itself. I would recommend the Cloudbridge Reserve to anyone who loves nature and helping to save it!





Celine Stegers – Germany

Hi! My name is Celine, I am 19 years old and have high school in Germany this year. I am volunteering at Cloudbridge for one month. During my time here I have supported the researchers on their projects. So far I’ve planted trees to maintain the reforestation. Also I assisted one of the researchers to build the drainage system. We dug two holes as collecting ponds for the rainwater and transferred pipes. I also helped another researcher with collecting leaves from the trees in one plot. For that we used slingshots and an oversized secateurs to get the samples. I hope I’ll finish more projects the next weeks and explore the jungle.

I really love the nature here – to awaken by bird sounds and the waterfall every day, and I enjoy the atmosphere between the researchers and volunteers at the reserve. Everybody is helpful and pays attention when you need someone to talk to. Living in nature with the plants and animals is a unique, personal experience.

I would recommend this project to all nature lovers and adventurers! I am proud to be a part of Cloudbridge and their projects to save and enhance the Cloud forest!


Luisa Burg

Hey, my name is Luisa, I‘m 18 years old and finished high school this summer. Before I start to study I wanted to travel and help to reforest the cloud forest in Costa Rica.

Now I‘m at the Cloudbridge Nature Reserve as a volunteer for one month.

In my first week here I supported one of the Volunteers to build a draining system for our current home.

Another really nice experience was to plant trees and be part of the reforestation progress at Cloudbridge.

To live in the jungle with so many different animals around is such an impressive experience!

I‘m so happy about my choice to be a part of Cloudbridge!!!




Leonardo and his brother David, two enthusiastic high school students from the local town of Rivas, are studying fungi diversity in the reserve. On Sundays, they walk the trails looking for interesting mushrooms and other fungi, take photos, record important information, and make spore prints to help us identify the mushrooms. Here are some of the ones they have found so far.








A few years ago Leonardo’s family weren’t quite sure what he was interested in and so one Christmas they got him a Nintendo Wii. He played with it for a few days and got bored of it so his dad exchanged it for a camera and Leo’s been interested in photography every since.  His photography is stunning!





A Spooky Thriller in the Mountains (or maybe not that scary)  – Oct 31st

Jenn (Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, Luisa and Celine (Ghostbusters), Jesus, Tom (Mosquito Net), Helen (owl), and EV (not entirely sure…).


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