May 2017

Research and Volunteers:

Augie Blackman is finishing up their biology major at Oberlin College in Ohio, USA. Augie will be researching the geographical distribution of the frogs here at Cloudbridge. More specifically, they will be looking into how canopy cover and vegetation type influences species composition. They enjoy working with amphibians and reptiles, and have previously conducted research on salamanders in the US. Augie hopes to continue working in conservation biology throughout their life. When they are not waltzing through the forest, Augie enjoys playing guitar and petting cats.




Alice and Mike from London, UK, have been volunteering at Cloudbridge for two weeks. Alice has recently finished a postdoc at University College London in the department of Biochemical Engineering; she’s come to Cloudbridge to get an insight into the world of conservation and ecology, and to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Costa Rican cloud forest!

Mike works as a cinematographer and digital image technician in the film and TV industry, he’s come along to help wherever he can, and capture the flora and fauna with his camera.

Alice and Mike have helped with the reforestation work, built a moth trap, and collected data for the ongoing owl survey. Alice will continue to collect and analyze owl data for another two weeks, with the aim of generating a map of owl species across different habitat types in the Cloudbridge reserve.

Alice and Mike at GavilanAlice and Mike from London



From the Camera Traps:











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