March program blog

March has been another busy month, with many day visitors and student groups, such as the Pitzer College for Ecological Restoration (pictured above), in addition to our usual research and volunteer program.  We have also continued to implement the environmental education program CONUBI in two local schools, as well as hosting educational activities such as the moth night, below.  We are happy to have received many visitors to our rental cabins and encourage you to check them out if you have not already enjoyed a stay at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve.

This time of year is a perfect time to teach about forest fire prevention and mitigation, as at this school in Pamital. Photo credit: Marylin Rodriguez

As a complement to one of our researcher´s interest in moths, we hosted a one-night seminar on moths with Dariel Sanabria, who is a moth enthusiast with much to share who has now visited Cloudbridge a number of times.  As usual, the diversity and characteristics of the moths were absolutely stunning!

photo credit: Kristen Watkins

Researchers and Volunteers

My name is Lindsay Jason, I am from Stone Mountain, Georgia and graduated in December from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors of Science in Ecology and a minor in Spanish! I have been at Cloudbridge for a month and will be here for 2 1/2 more, studying mixed species bird flocking and forest succession stages!

Hi I’m Olivia, and for nearly a month now, I’ve had the privilege of calling Cloudbridge Nature Reserve my home. Each morning, I awaken to the enchanting melodies of the birds, a symphony that consistently leaves me feeling thankful. Within this reserve, every corner reveals a new breathtaking spot , and every encounter with the resident wildlife is a moment of awe and wonder. I can’t wait to continue exploring the wonders this reserve has to offer, both in terms of wildlife encounters and forging connections with fellow interns, volunteers, and the incredibly supportive staff who make this place feel like home.

Hi there, I’m Isa, a 19 year old student from the Netherlands. I’ll be staying at cloudbridge for 20 weeks as an intern. I’m excited to research the warbler family of birds to see if humans have any disadvantage to the birds distribution and abundance.

Photo credit: Olivia Evrard

Pics from around the reserve

Cloudbridge´s hospitality coordinator is a talented photographer with an abiding interest in herpetofauna. Here, he has captured a reddish-colored Botriechis lateralis from an unusual perspective. Photo credit: Anthony Garita
Photo credit: Caoimhe O Donell
Photo credit: Olivia Evrard
Photo credit: Anthony Garita

Suggested Reading

  • The European Environment Agency has published a European Climate Risk Asessment report, with dire warnings about the ability of the current food and health systems to withstand the effects of climate change, as reported by Al-Jazeera.
  • As dire as things may seem, we may be grossly underestimating the impacts that have already been made on our global climate systems, as may be suggested by current ocean temperatures that far exceed the predictions of scientists.  Learn more about this here.

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