June 2021

Thank you Jax Frink for this beautiful view of the Milky Way above the Talamanca mountains. Photo credit: Jax Frink

June has been another great month at Cloudbridge, with talented photographers taking great pictures, and fun activities. From astrophotography to the «heart of the cloudforest», take a look at what has been going on at Coudbridge this month!

This magnificent Puma concolor was captured by Ben Luke´s high-quality camera-trap setup. We have named her Paula! Photo credit: Ben Luke. IG: @benjamin_wildlifeimages

Feeling the love of the Cloudforest, with this aerial view of a living heart. Photo credit: Leonardo Valverde.

June 15th was National Tree Day here in Costa Rica. And followers of the blog don´t need to be reminded how much we love trees here at Cloudbridge : )

Catarata Cloudbridge is seen from an aerial shot of this beautiful section of Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. Photo credit: Leonardo Valverde
This birds eye view allows us to appreciate tree ferns from a different angle. Photo credit: Leonardo Valverde
Greilin Fallas helps our intern Jared Ward to collect nectar from some flowers on the reserve.

We are very grateful to Greilin Fallas and her colleague Yendry, who have been participating in a hummingbird study at the reserve, and recently came to share their experience with us. We learned how to extract the nectar from the plants and measure it´s glucose.

The early morning light colors the sky above the Pacific ocean, as seen from near the Refugio Paso de los Indios, by Mt. Uran.

This June some of our staff members and allies hiked up to Mt. Uran to change the SD cards and make sure that the camera traps placed by Dr. Michael Mooring are in good working order. It was a marvelous opportunity to enjoy this less explored part of Chirripó National Park.

Photo credit: Paula Pebsworth.

This month again we had the great pleasure of helping Omar Garita who is in charge of the local recycling project. Thank you Omar, and thank you to our participants.

Photo credit: Paula Pebsworth.
After the hard work of sorting the recycling, everyone deserves a drink at Roca Dura! Photo credit: Marvin Biedermann.
When visiting Finca SDR agroecological farm, we got the participants to join in sorting beans! Photo credit: Paula Pebsworth

Many of our participants have enjoyed some weekend activities this month, including a short visit to Finca SDR. The bigger weekend activity was a visit to Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula, which was a wonderful adventure.

Diving near Corcovado… Photo credit_ Marvin Biedermann.
Photo credit: Jax Frink.
To get there, participants took a boat ride through the mangroves. Photo credit: Jax Frink.

Volunteers and interns

Hi, my name is Jared Ward, from the United States. I’ve worked in supply chain consulting for the past 10 years, and came to Cloudbridge as a research assistant to learn more about field research and conservation. It’s been a great experience learning various research techniques, being surrounded by nature on a daily basis, and working with such a great group of people from across the globe. I’m looking forward to applying the knowledge I’ve gained over the past months to a career in environmental sustainability.

Jax Frink is a visual journalist from Eugene, Ore., United States, with a passion for telling stories centered around human rights, social justice and environmental issues. They explore the human connection with their environment and roles within society, telling stories of people, place and time. https://jfrinkphoto.com

My name is Nicholas Hess. I’ve spent my time at Cloudbridge recording fluorescence in the amphibian species here. I am very interested in all things herpetology, especially finding snakes. I am also a wildlife photographer and have been having an amazing time here!

Pictures from around the Reserve

Nicholas has been heading out almost every night looking for snakes. In addition to many side-striped pit vipers, he came across this black-speckled palm-pit viper (Botriechis nigroviridis). Photo credit: Michael Sojo
Using a filter, we are able to see the fluorescent markings of this glass frog. Photo Credit: Jax Frink
The Velvet Worm (Onychophora) is an interesting and unique animal.
This poor frog is being devoured by a spider… Photo credit: Jared Ward
These beautiful orchids have been flowering over the past month on the Gavilan trail.

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