February 2012

Cloudbridge continues to work at building bridges with communities, schools, and groups both locally and internationally for shared meaning and to learn to collaborate in powerful ways.  The learning curve towards sustainable reforestation is achieved with the help of many participants.  Cloudbridge is about positive action and commitment to renewal of a complex ecosystem and its biodiversity within the cloud forest.

The Grand Opening of the Giddy Environmental Learning Centre

On February 19th the reserve celebrated the opening of the Giddy Environmental Learning Centre. This is a beautifully constructed facility that includes a classroom area, kitchen, research lab, washrooms and plenty of covered outdoor workspace.  The inauguration was attended by community members, tourists, and past and present Cloudbridge participants. Upon arriving guests were invited to enjoy the food and drinks, informative displays, a slideshow of photos, and an organized hike on one of the trails. In the future this centre will be used for research activity, student education, and community events.

Grand Opening Day
Tom Gode- Manager, Genevieve Giddy - Founder, Adam Wicks-Arshack - Resident Biologist
GuestsLearning about Cloudbridge
Kitchen Help
150 tree cupcakes - Many species
Great Food!

Great Friends
Community Leaders
People at Cloudbridge

Owner and Founder Genevieve Giddy spent the month of February at Cloudbridge.  She has been a busy lady – attending Linda’s art exhibition, chairing the Cloudbridge board meeting, helping organize the grand opening of the Giddy Environmental Learning Centre, shopping for supplies for the new kitchen area, meeting and socializing with friends and folks in the community, and of course hiking the trails.  She also managed to have a little beach time.  Her presence has helped to solidify new plans and to reaffirm the direction of our present activities.


  Marloes is a Dutch student in tropical forestry, who is researching a variety of weed/grass supression technics that can be used in preperation for tree planting that are effective, cost efficient and environmentally safe.  Marloes is at Cloudbridge studying for 6 months.


Kat Taylor
Kat is and environmental scientist volunteering until late March. She is working on a risk management plan for Cloudbridge’s drinking water. Her colleague, Stephen Purvis, will be providing extra technical support from Alice Springs, central Australia. After working on drinking water management plans with Aboriginal communities in Western Australia, Kat is on holiday but she just can’t stay away from agua potable! 


Liam and Laura came from England to Cloudbridge as volunteers. Liam’s carpentery skills helped us finish the Environmental Learning Center with new wood doors on the bathrooms and in the kitchen.  Laura is an environmetal journalist who revised notes for our new signage on the reserve trails.  Thank you so much for all of your help.  We enjoyed having you here.

Liam building a door from salvaged cypress wood
Laura in the Welcome Center
 Drew Hart finished his work as the docent position here at Cloudbridge.  We appreciated the extra tasks he took on such as setting up a series of camera traps and catching some great footage of wildlife, as well as helping with the student groups. He has accepted a job in Bocas del Toro, Panama as the coordinator of a turtle project.  Good luck Drew.
Adam Wicks-Arshack our resident biologist has accepted a position on the Cloudbridge Board of Directors.  Adams experience and passion for the environment will be an asset for the guidance of the reserve.
Adam - enjoying cupcakes

The art exhibition ‘Portraits of Survivors’  by resident artist Linda Moskalyk received positive feedback and some media attention from the national Costa Rican newspaper ‘La Nacion’. The link to the article is http://www.nacion.com/2012-02-12/Ancora/Longevos-colosos-de-la-naturaleza.aspx

“I hope I can contribute the unique gift of art to global efforts.  I have always liked the quote – ’Be the change that we want to see in the world’  by Mahatma Gandhi.  Maybe these paintings are the start of my contribution.”

Linda Moskalyk

Guests learning about forest conservation through art formThe Sentinel - One of the largest trees on the Cloudbridge property
The Sentinel - One of the largest trees on the Cloudbridge property
Wilderness Inquiry brought another group down to enjoy a day hike.
Wilderness Inquiry Group
Beacon High School environmental studies group were here for 3 days of research on trees, insects and birds in tropical rain forests.

The Bird group
Beacon Bird group exploring bird life in the secondary forest
Insect group - Final presentation
Linda's Tree group - Tree Huggers
Group photo of Beacon Environmental class 2012

Tree Rap  – by Sophie Rose Anger of Beacon High School

Cloudbridge helps the forest thrive

They plant and keep the earth alive

Primary, secondary, newly planted

Some crops grow on land that’s slanted

Victor bought the land for free

They told him chop down every tree

There were no animals, the water was dirty

But Cloudbridge came and made it purty

They weeded, planted, went to work

So now it’s a place where pumas lurk

Beacon brings their students here

Explaining what they do so clear

When you go home you better tell

Everyone what you learned so well

Plant a tree, get friends into it

You know now that we all can do it!


Laura Giddy came for a visit and to participate in the future planning for the reserve.  She brought a few friends and the girls enjoyed hiking, horseback riding, and the Carrera fiesta activities in San Gerardo.

Laura (center) and friends
Wendy,  a long time friend of Genevieve came and helped organize the library in the Environmental Learning Center.
Wendy and Kat out for a hike
Other Stuff
Some of the new signs are finished and installed on the trails. 
Tail map

The first 2012 board meeting was attended by Genevieve Giddy, Tom Gode, Jean-Guy… , Adam Wicks-Arshack, and special guest Laura Giddy.  There was discussion on new research and volunteer activity for 2012, the commencement for construction of additional housing for researchers, future education programs at local schools, and the start up of the www.cloudbridgeadventures.org .


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