December 2020

Catarata Don Victor, now at the end of the rainly season. Photo Credit: Clara Moreno.

Happy holidays! From all of us here at Cloudbridge, we hope you have been able to enjoy your holiday season in the company of your loved ones. 

Here on the Reserve, we are very thankful for all of the visitors who have been coming to the reserve, and for the company of our «bubble» of staff, interns and volunteers here on the Reserve.  In this way, we were able to enjoy a special Christmas dinner and games.

The December Cloudbridge «bubble» made up of staff, volunteers and researchers enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner together : )

We are pleased to be making Cloudbridge a more accommodating place for visitors, with the addition of some picnic tables and benches within the reserve, providing a space for families to enjoy time together in nature while visiting the reserve. Come with your loved ones to share some spectacular hiking and a picnic lunch in the cloud forest. We were also able to reconstruct the bridge which connects Cloudbridge North with the rest of the reserve, so it is now possible to visit Catarata Don Victor once again!


Hello, my name is Sebastian Brehm, I’m 18 years old and I come from Schweinfurt, Germany. After I finished high school this summer I wanted to travel Central America and learn about new cultures. I see myself as an adventurous person so volunteering in the Nature Reserve Cloudbridge was the perfect fit for me. During the 4 weeks that I was here I have experienced the unique environment with the mountains, the animals and the rainforest. Therefore if anyone asks me about the must go places in Costa Rica, I would definitely suggest the Nature Reserve Cloudbridge. Pura Vida!

Jessica Bardey´s partner Christian enjoyed this holiday season here at Cloudbridge.

Suggested Reading

  • Many of you may have heard earlier in December how UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has characterized humanity as «waging a suicidal war against nature». This article gives voice to some of the youth who have been part of the UN´s advisory board on important environmental issues.
  • As has become increasingly apparent, climate change is a major issue of our time. Of all the ramifications linked to this major issue, human migration is one of the consequences that we as society can choose to respond with empathy and compassion, or with callousness and closed arms.
  • An article recently published in Nature magazine has found that human-made materials now significantly outweigh Earth´s entire biomass.
  • Approaching climate change from a geopolitical perspective, it is important to note that some regions may experience benefits from a warming world, while many others will of course suffer devastating negative impacts. This article explores how «Russia could dominate a warming world.»
  • As always, we try to end on a more positive note, because unfortunately much of this suggested reading could be quite upsetting. In this beautiful essay, Terry Tempest Williams explores the idea of Unraveling, and ponders how we can reweave the world anew, «not from the places of fear and doubt, but from the intimate spaces of belonging?»

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