December 2013



These photos of a jaguar were taken by a camera trap in the next valley over from Cloudbridge.  This is the closest siting to the reserve of these beautiful cats.


Clarice Esch returned to Cloudbridge to continue her research on the plant Gunnera.  This is her 4th stay at the reserve.  It’s beginning to feel like home.


Marlena Scheller from Poland is here for 3 months as a volunteer.  She has been assisting Clarice with her research and has developed a small volunteer vegetable garden.


Our volunteers helped make tamales in San Gerardo at the community kitchen.  This was for the hosting of the World Series Adventure Race.

Matt, Kelby, and Jana chopping vegetables as community volunteers
Matt, Kelby, and Jana chopping vegetables as community volunteers
Heather and Siobhan   making tamales
Heather and Siobhan making tamales


Highlights of 2013

Increase of volunteers by 100% over 2012 (44 researchers and volunteers)

Volunteers provided 2000 days of service including research, tree planting, trail maintenance, etc.

Partnered with Project Conservation a Costa Rican organization that recruits volunteer opportunities.

Conducted an extensive orchid survey.

Planted 1,000 trees on Cloudbridge property and along the Chirripo trail.

Constructed a seed germination house to improve our nursery success rate for starting seedlings.

Constructed a new cabina to house 4 additional volunteers.  Beds and tables were also built.

Constructed 3 new benches and placed them in key locations along the reserve trails.

Participated in for presentations and activities at the local San Gerardo school.

Opened the art studio to the public to expand our education program.

Facilitated a community tree planting with other Bandera Azul participants.


Visitor Comments

«We enjoyed the stroll to the waterfall.  Good Luck.»  Sarah and Paul from the UK

«Thank you, this donation is for a tree»

«A beautiful and powerful place on earth!»

«Good vibes»


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