December 2010

By means of trees, wildlife could be conserved, pollution decreased and the beauty of our landscapes enhanced. This is the way, or at least one of the ways, to spiritual, moral, and cultural regeneration.
— E.F. Schumacher
What is interesting about the montane tropical forests is the surprisingly slow rate of growth after deforestation.  In Maarten Kappelle’s book on Ecology and Conservation of Neotropical Montaine Oak Forests, he states that it takes approximately a century  for severely degraded forests to recover  to their original primary ecosystem.

Any efforts to regenerate land to its former ecological state are a slow process and the effects of climate change seem to be an ever increasingly rapid process.   The Cloudbridge Reserve continues to show leadership through environmental stewardship.  Future generations will benefit  from our accomplishments of education, reforestation and research.

Christmas is a time for giving.  Thankyou to everyone who has dedicated their gift of time or donations to the Cloudbridge Reserve .  You are all leaving a legacy for future generations through your recognition of environmental needs .  

A Jungle Christmas at Cloudbridge

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