August/September 2012

Keep close to Nature’s heart….and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.  Wash your spirit clean.»       John Muir


Activities and Research:

September was a good month for trail work with less tourists in the area. We constructed a trail up the quebrada yorro to a patch of old growth trees. This will allow tourists to see what the forest of Costa Rica once looked like with relative ease.  After constructing the trail the area adjacent to the work was planted with a combination of pioneer species and climax species to begin the reforestation process. This was also mentioned in the May Blog (see photos from May) when we first surveyed the area for a potential trail and dubbed it the «Jurassic Trail».

Constructing the trail


Sara, from Holland, is looking at erosion up the Herradura valley. She is interviewing property owners to document current ideas and values.



«It’s been an amazing month here at Cloudbridge!  We, the two new interns from GVI’s (Global Visions International) base in Tortuguero National Park, have been busy with new terrain, climate, and wildlife.  Previously on the Carribean coast we were faced with heat waves and venomous snakes around every corner.  Here in the clouds we’ve been able to enjoy the view of mist rising without sweating as we watch it and walk between buildings free from being ambushed by swarms of mosquitoes.

            We’ve been fortunate enough to work on the biological assessment survey for the reserve, meaning we get to hike a portion of the property every weekday when the sun rises to see what wildlife is present.  Tom has allowed the survey to be an ongoing project with GVI to get a thorough knowledge of the animals here and also to see the exciting changes that take place on a land undergoing reforestation and its effects on habitat. The month has brought some thrilling sightings for us as we’ve trekked around the property.  On one of our very first surveys, after waking up, cooking breakfast, and hiking to our start point before the sun rose, you can imagine we were anxious to see something spectacular…and Cloudbridge delivered!  Around 6:30 a.m. we were caught off-guard to hear a loud thud in the forest…and then another…and another.  We looked around in awe as we saw seven White-nosed Coatis rain down from the trees to avoid us and run further up the trail! 

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the privilege of frequently running into birds like the Black Guan, Emerald Toucanet, Sulphur-winged Parakeet, Collard Trogon, Red-headed Barbet, and a host of hummingbirds.  Other exhilarating encounters have included Central American Spider Monkeys, White-faced Capuchins, and a Black-speckled Palm Pitviper!  One morning as we walked along a trail adjacent to the river here, we noted a patch of ground which, due to a hollow fallen tree, allowed us to sound as if two giant T-rexes were stamping through the woods.  Well, apparently the resident wildlife also found this discovery intriguing, because as we reexamined our new find we suddenly saw a Collard Peccary investigating the ruckus interrupting his morning forage!  Both we and he were surprised to see each other and had a stare down exchanging looks of shock and confusion.  After we each realized what the other was, he continued on his way and we were able to record four other peccaries dining in the area!

Even now we’re still seeing new animals nearly everyday!  With the full force of the rainy season headed this way in the coming months, different fruits ripening, and the replanted forest growing all around, the promise of new animals appearing is guaranteed.  It ensures waking up in the dark every morning will provide a new and worthy adventure!»


                                                                                                         –Claire Vincent and Olivia Kerns


Olivia watching a coati on the trail




Community Involvement:

Expo Ambiente
3-400 people attended the first Expo Ambiente in the San Gerardo salon to learn about recycling, alternative energy and buying locally produced products.  Cloudbridge donated seedlings for give aways and demonstrated the mammal life of Cloudbridge as captured with our infra red motion sensitive camera traps.  We were a hit with the kids.
Expo Ambiente

The Cloudbridge display

Expo Volunteers – Claire, Olivia, Sarah, and Josh





August also brought the second annual Clasica de las Eternas run to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the forming of Chirripo National Park.  Runners struggled through the most gruelling part of the run up the Cloudbridge sendero principal and sendero montana before the down hill run along the Chirrpo trail to Los Angeles and back to San Gerardo.




Visitor Comments:

 «Beautiful place!  Hope to return with a group in the future.    Thanks,  Ann from Chicago
«Great place» Thanks for saving it»
«WOW! »         Nicholas from Colorado
«Paradise is here»




August Orchid



Pit Viper




«We want to thank the many individuals who have donated through the onsite donation box and those who have donated through our website, a special thank you to Cedric Seynat for his financial assistance. «

                                       Tom Gode – Manager and Program Director -Cloudbridge

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